Getting there!!

18 01 2010

Getting there from Maadi:

Drive out to the Zahraa el Maadi district to the Water Pumping Station. Then turn right and drive parallel to the USAID building until you turn left at the sign indicating the west gate.
To get to the Visitor Center take the Qatamiya/Ain Sokhna road and in front of the Public Transportation Garage, turn right at the sign and drive for three kilometers. Turn left and keep going until you see the sign for the Visitor Center.

Getting there from Nasr City:

Head west on the ring road (El Tareeq El Daaery) and take the Carrefour exit. Head south (Carrefour should now be to your right) until you get to Wadi Degla Sporting Club. Turn left at the club and head east until you see the blue sign marking the short road to the Wadi Entrance.

Also you can get there on your bike, it should only take between 35 – 90 minutes, depending where you start off. You can use Google map, it would help you alot




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